Main characteristics of the projects related to virtual accessibility that have been approved within the SEE Programme is the aim to improve the access to information and services for the population, above all when market fails to respond to certain needs because investing in infrastructure for digital public services is not always representing a profitable activity. At the same time, it is also not always an affordable investment for the public administration, thus alternative solutions have to be found. Projects have here the possibility to confront to the different solutions that they have developed and to coordinate efforts towards successful models. The outcomes of this pole should include recommendations in view of a more targeted future project development, and identify when transnational cooperation is the necessary dimension for tackling virtual accessibility in a complementary way with other financial instruments.

Objectives of the process in the thematic pole are:

- To valorise and further build upon the knowledge resulting from projects working in a thematic field

- To fill knowledge-gaps by linking actors with complementary thematic specialization, experiences, methodological approaches or geographical scope

- To increase the visibility of the projects and the Programme and to ensure their impact on the policy making process at local, regional, national and European levels

- To strengthen strategic thematic networks in the Programme area

- To encourage the wider take-up of project outcomes from outside the SEE Programme area

- To contribute to the design and/or implementation of future transnational cooperation in the area



SEE TV WEB project: Mr Daniel Copot - Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications Murska Sobota

Tel: 00 386 2 530 82 02


- Conference Living bit and things + PPP4Broadband days (organised by PP4Broadband project with the active particiaption of TVWeb project) Bled (Slovenia), 14/11/2013

- Joint final conference - Brussels (Belgium), 2014

- Possibility to present SEE-ICT research activities at ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow - Vilnius (Lithuania), 6-8/11/2013

- SEE Thematic Seminar 'ACCESSIBLE SEE: Coordinating the results of SEE projects for improved accessibility across the region' with the participation of the pole projects- Split (Croatia), 18/09/2013. The seminar, apart from having been an opportunity for the Thematic Poles to fine-tune their synergies/capitalisation process, was a unique moment for project partners to influence the future of Territorial Cooperation in the area. It aimed at achieving some concrete conclusions from the different workshops which could be a valid input for the preparation of the new transnational cooperation programmes in the area, Danube and South East Gateway, mainly considering the future topics to be covered (thematic objectives). The presentations made during the seminar can be found here and the outcomes achieved here.

- Participation of pole projects in other project's events: Experience exchange workshop, consultation event on Digital Dividend, SEE Virtual Accessibility Strategies Workshop, Training workshops and Final Conference (SIVA); Pilot presentations and transnational conferences (SEE TV-Web); Closing national info days and national trainings (PP4Broadband); Transnational event, transnational experience exchanges and policy coordination meeting (SECOVIA)


- Communication activities: SEE ICT LinkedIn profile, communication guidelines for lead partners, promotional materials (press releases and information sharing on current project public relations tools), mailing list

- Memorandum of Cooperation between the projects SIVA and PPP4Broadband: Its recognises the potential added-value that would be provided by joint cooperation and mutual support between PPP4Broadband project and SIVA project in facing the goal of boosting the results of project for the benefit of whole SEE and reinforcing the synergic effects of the actions realized in the field of broadband development at transnational level. The Memorandum supports:

                                                  - the exchange of best practices in broadband development and establishing of Centres of Excellences; 

                                                  - the awaraness raising activities addressed to stakeholders of broadband development (telecomunication firms, service providers), local governments, policy-maker levels (regional, national and EU) and citizens, by promoting broadband development as a base for economic development in SEE region;

                                                  - the promotion of information exchange, common strategies adoption and know-how transfer between PPP4Broadband Centres of Excellences and local governments from several regions in order to correct detected weakness across SEE region and contribute to the enhancing framework conditions for boradband development by improving of the organisational as well as administratvie conditions for broadband development.

- Cross-projects participation and presentations

- Development of new partnership transnational projects as an assurance of their sustainability and sustainability of the Pole efforts in ICT field

- Policy recommendations in the form of Thematic Pole position paper: members of the pole will share their know-how and experience as well as outcomes of their projects to build joint recommendation for policy makers at transnational level. Contribution to the design and implementation of future transnational cooperation in the area is highly important. The Position paper will state opinions and recommendations about importance of information society and inclusion in information society. The Pole has already identified some common problems: Internet is too expensive, Internet is not available in all areas, low media/computer literacy




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