Governance concerns the systems and practices that governments/organizing bodies use to make priorities and set agendas, implement policies and derive knowledge about their impacts and effectiveness. Within the SEE Programme we have a wide range of projects which seek to complement, improve and reshape existing systems and practices through regional cooperation. These include projects providing new mechanisms for decision makers which include formal cooperation platforms, committees; capacity building for evaluation; foresight; policy learning mechanisms; strategy development; multi level governance development. The potential for capitalisation and synergy between projects addressing such interlinked topics and approaches is clear.


Based on the main evidences of the SEE Annual Conference as well as the contributions that have been sent after it, the Thematic Pole 1 has decided to plan its activities focusing on the following objectives:

-     To increase the visibility of the projects and the Programme at local, regional, national and European levels;

-     To increase the visibility of project results and ensure their sustainability

-     To contribute to the policy making process through thematic pole 1 joint activities and exchanges of good practice at local and regional level in the field of innovation policy;

-   To strengthen strategic thematic networks in the area of innovation policy;



EVAL INNO project: DI Martin Felix Gajdusek - Project Manager / Centre for Social Innovation/Zentrum für Soziale Innovation

Tel.: 0043 1 495044267


- Establishment of the joint mailing list SEE thematic pole 1 (Innovation Governance and Policy) in order to prepare the SEE capitalisation roadmap and to facilitate further communication among thematic pole members

- Exchange of information; mutual subscriptions to newsletter and links to other projects of the Pole on project websites

Joint thematic event organised back to back with the EVAL-INNO project's final conference - 26 March 2014, Vienna (Austria): Interactive brainstorming among the pole members with the aim to present the state-of-the art of the Thematic pole 1 and its projects and to discuss about joint key messages to be forwarded to the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, which will be a message to the coming 2014-2020 programming period. Sharing among the participants regarding their most important initiatives in order to foster the cross-fertilisation among different projects ans show opportunities that are open to other projects. The conclusions of the event can be found here.

- Thematic Pole stand in the project fair organised in the framework of the WBC INCO.NET's final conference at the Tech Gate in Vienna entitled -Towards 2020: New Horizons for RTD and Innovation in the Western Balkan Region . The Thematic pole showcases the activities of its projects through information on the projects as well as dissemination material and outputs. More than 200 persons attend the event with a focus on the WBC countries. Additional information on the WBC INCO.NET event please visit:

- 1 joint publication - set of policy recommendations: Development and improvement of the evaluation standards and practices in the region

- Development of 1 joint methodology focusing on 'Finding new ways of utilisation of project results' (under consideration)

- Exchange visit(s) to enable cross-fertilisation and/or take-up of results: Participation of Thematic pole project partners to events organised by Thematic Pole projects(members are working on exploration of further events to be visited; joint sessions to be organised etc.)

- Development of 1 joint thematic pole knowledge management report



- Thematic pole 1 mailing list:

o        SEE Capitalisation Roadmap

- Exchange of information; mutual subscriptions to newsletter and links to other projects of the Pole on own websites:

o        Newsletter reference to other project achievements

- Exchange visit(s) to enable cross-fertilisation and/or take-up of results:Participation of Thematic pole project partners to events organised  by Thematic Pole projects:

o        Dissemination of  outputs  and results among Thematic Pole projects in each others' events

o        List of Thematic Pole events made publicly available to the Stakeholders of all Thematic Pole projects for further enhancement of participation to open events

o        Exchange of ideas among Thematic Pole partners for further collaborations

- Joint event: (FORSEE final event) - activities discussed:

o        Thematic topic: Policy development in ICT related RDI for SEE

o        Joint presentation and discussion on project results

o        Organise a pole fair during the event (organized by the Pole leader with contributions and participation of Pole members)

o        Electronic publication of Pole project profiles & major outputs (could be printed for the event and made available on all project websites)

- Methodology: Finding new ways of utilisation of project results - activities discussed:

o        Space (wiki) for exchange of information and a community of practice that will allow for the initial development of methodologies and tools for  policy making and Innovation support

o        An environment for constant collaboration /know-how transfer amongst interested projects of the Thematic pole

o        A joint repository of Thematic Pole project outputs resembling a structured library

- Publication: set of policy recommendations: Development and improvement of the evaluation standards and practices in the region:

o        Update of EVAL-INNO RTDI evaluation standards

o        Event reports; Conclusions; Benchmark recommendations for improvement;

o        Summary of lessons learnt

- Thematic pole knowledge management report:

o        Short report / article including activities performed as well as main recommendations focusing on sustainability and utilization of different project results (members of the thematic pole innovation governance and policy) 

o       Depending on the availability of resources to establish the Methodology: 'Finding new ways of utilisation of project results' - the thematic pole knowledge management report will also include the results obtained during the development of the methodology



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