The SEE Programme approved 6 projects addressing nature protection with a common aim of reaching a sustainable management of protected areas and natural assets in general. The approved projects address and improve the sustainable development of the areas through joint strategies for the management of protected areas, or by creating a branded network, or by protecting a particular area, like the Carpathians or the NATURA2000 sites. Projects aiming at strengthening their outcomes towards plans and strategies that reinforce the sustainable management of protected areas and natural assets in general have the chance to exchange best practices, knowledge and concrete useful outputs.

Participants at the workshop organised during the SEE Annual Conference 2013 discussed options to intensify cooperation and better use synergies. They agreed that thematic pole 6 projects deal with similar content and/or are trying to introduce similar concepts and principles of work. The discussion showed that cooperation between various projects does exist already, and very often not only among those working in the same field but even cross-sectorial cooperation of projects from different thematic poles, but e.g. working in the same geographic area. However, many additional ideas arose for joint initiatives and how to create win-win situations by cross-over project cooperation. These ideas refer to different levels of the project: exchange of managing practices, promotion of the projects, sharing events, staff exchange and others. All projects are aware of the need for this cross-sectorial cooperation and take this into consideration in project implementation. The project representatives all welcomed this initiative by the programme, as it really contributes to a stronger experience exchange and better use of project results. Capitalisation between nature protection projects is much needed, because they often use and produce management tools with similar structure and character, and this provides ample opportunities for cross-fertilisation of ideas for immediate implementation or potential future collaboration.



DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 project: Mr Georg Frank - Donau-Auen National Park

Tel.: 00 43 676 8422 3528


- Transnational event organised by Green Mountain project addressed to mountain-related projects (Networking conference) - Budapest (Hungary), 24/09/2013

-  'Cross-sectoral Conference on River Morphology and Ecological River Management', organised jointly by DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 and NEWADA duo projects - Hainburg/Austria, 16-17/10/2013. The minutes and results of the conference are available here and a related press release here. A follow-up workshop in Krems (Austria), 9-10 April 2014, was organised to build up on the results of the first cross-secotoral workshop. Finally, a third ecological expert exchange was held in the Service Centre Wachau of viadonau in Krems and built on the outcome of the cross-sectoral conference on river morphology and ecological river management with Danube Parks 2.0. last fall. More information about this cross-fertilisation initiative can be found here.

- Green Mountain project final event - Brussels (Belgium), 20 February 2014 with the participation of all pole projects which presented their project highlights.

- Danube Nature Festival organised by Danubeparks Step 2.0 project - Backi Monostor (Serbia), August 2014

- SEE River project final conference - Ptuj (Slovenia), September 2014



- Reinforcement of realised or on-groing cross-over project cooperations and potential cross-sectorial cooperation

- More efficient use and better capitalisation of management tools by improved linkage on projects websites where downloads are available

- Platform with relevant management plans/tools available for all partners; synergies for project implementation by cross-over implementation of tools/plans/concepts

- Better information flow between projects by exchange of contact data and raised distribution of project's newsleterrs (exchange of mailing lists, distribution of newsletters to a wider range of relevant readers)

- Awareness on project events: raised number of cross-over participations (creation of a joint events calendar; stronger voice at policy level)

- Synergies of partners involved in several projects of the pole: more responsability for cross-over information and experience exchange

- Better understanding of other projects; optimising project management and implementation by learning from experience in other projects

- Raised capacity of staff by better insight into partner projects; development of joint ideas by intensive personal cooperation

- Raised awareness of interested public on SEE projects and cross-over cooperation: exchange of project (poster) exhibition

- Contribution to make future programmes in the South East Europe area more efficient: statement and proposal to build up project monitoring and controlling highly on pro-active involvement by JTS project managers

- Possible final publication on the capitalisation process





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