Several approved projects within the SEE Programme have created measures to respond to the territorial and environmental impact and risks connected to the transport choices and the development of transport infrastructures. Some of them have specifically addressed the problem, e.g. for a particular transport mode, while other projects have considered multimodal connections. Relevant projects have now the chance to put together the collected data and developed measures, harmonise agreements and propose common approaches to be presented to the decision makers of the transport sector. Expected outputs would also consider the recommendations of green transport infrastructures as foreseen by the TEN-T networks, and contribute to the development of low-carbon transport systems outlined in the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The South East Europe Programme has created a Thematic Capitalisation Strategy in order to foster the visibility of existing tangible project results for beneficiaries and support the initialisation of new transnational initiatives and collaborations. Among many several new dissemination actions by the SEE JTS, so-called 'Thematic Poles' have been establishment for creating synergies among related transnational projects with similar thematic subjects. The outcomes of these projects are streamlined in order to be used for future joint events.

The CO-WANDA project is leading the SEE Thematic Pole 9 (Greener Transport Systems), which is one of the 14 SEE Thematic Poles. Pole 9 is mainly concerned with surface transport issues (rail, road, inland waterway and maritime transportation) and focuses on smart, green, integrated and integrative transport modes in the SEE area.

Mission of the thematic pole 9 'Greener Transport Systems':


During thefirst POLE-9 workshop held at the SEE Annual Event 2013 and based on a joint decision process of the pole members, the following directions have been defined:


- The characteristics of 'Green Transport Systems' are: smart, green, integrated and integrative transport modes in SEE. For further information, please see the final concept of POLE-9.


- POLE-9 should collaborate with other POLEs, especially with POLE-7 (Multimodal Accessibility to Primary Networks) and POLE-6 (Nature Protection), but also with the POLEs 1, 4, 10 and 12.


- POLE-9 membership will focus both on the future transnational Danube programme and the South East Gateway programme.


- POLE-9 wants to address surface transport (rail, road, inland waterway, maritime) in SEE territories.


- POLE-9 wants to consider both mode-specific and multimodal approaches of future up-coming project initiatives while planning and implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

- POLE-9 aims to find a balance between the existing legal framework and the actual promotion and implementation of green transport systems. 


On June 19th 2013 (Bucharest, Romania) - during the SEE Annual Conference - the 1st workshop of Thematic Pole 9 took place for identifying potential synergies among the participating SEE projects. In this Pole, besides the WANDA/ CO-WANDA project, other consortia representatives are actively involved: ECOPORT / TEN ECOPORT, GIFT, ADB, IRON CURTAIN TRAIL, SEE-ITS and other experts.

The first common workshop resulted in the following main findings:

- The SEE projects involved in the POLE-9 cluster (WANDA / CO-WANDA, GIFT, ECO PORT / TEN ECO PORT as well as ADBMultiplatform, SEE-ITS, IRON CURTAIN TRAIL) execute very different projects objectives and themes. For that reason it can be said that POLE-9 is characterized by a very heterogeneous structure and membership.

- Except one SEE project (IRON CURTAIN TRAIL) all other involved SEE projects are interested in freight transportation.

- Ad hoc discussions about:

o Waste in ports (Waste handling, maritime relations as benchmark for other modes)

o Importance of IT/ ITS for green transport

-  Essential contacts with other SEE projects have to be initiated with: WATERMODE, DaHar, Danube Parks 2.0, SEE Mariner, NELI/HINT, etc.

In the time interval June-August 2013, a road map concept for Pole 9 has been prepared outlining the mission and the main outputs to be achieved as a result of the synergies developed between involved projects. In addition, the SEE JTS has set up dedicated websites for each Thematic Pole providing them with the possibility to present their joint partnership and main thematic outcomes and future plans.


On September 18th 2013 (Split, Croatia) the Thematic Pole 9 (Greener Transport Systems) organised its 2nd workshop for coordinating the results of SEE projects for improved accessibly across the region with special attention to green transport. During that workshop (moderated by representatives of the CO-WANDA project and an invited expert (MihaelaPopovici) by the JTS) key questions about the future requested investment priorities, involvement of stakeholders and project implementations have been discussed as well as new thematic topics have been identified and prioritized. Among the issues debated are future inland waterway and waste related subjects as well as upcoming project proposals. These results will support the development process of the future transnational ETC programmes in the South East Europe for 2014 - 2020.

That workshop was organised in the framework of the SEE Thematic Seminar 'ACCESSIBLE SEE: Coordinating the results of SEE projects for improved accessibility across the region' as a unique moment for project partners to influence the future of Territorial Cooperation in the area. It aimed at achieving some concrete conclusions from the different workshops which could be a valid input for the preparation of the new transnational cooperation programmes in the area, Danube and Adriatic-Ionian, mainly considering the future topics to be covered (thematic objectives). The presentations made during the seminar can be found here and the outcomes achieved here.

On April 24, 2014 the third SEE Thematic Pole 9 workshop took place in Budapest (HU), after two successful workshops in Split (HR) and Bucharest (RO) in 2013. For this workshop 30 participants from 8 different SEE projects (TEN-ECOPORT, SEE ITS, ADB Multiplatform, ACROSSEE, GIFT, NEWADA duo, CO-WANDA and HINT) from 8 different countries of South-East-European regions did register.

During this event, in three parallel workshops (Green Corridors, Green Transport Systems, Green Hubs) new project proposal ideas have been identified and elaborated for the three future transnational programmes (Danube Programme, Adriatic Ionian Programme and Balkan Mediterranean Programme).

These achieved results (recommendations, new proposal ideas) will be both used for supporting the on-going programme programming process of these and to stimulate not-yet-existing partnerships being interested in realising joint project implementations.

Besides, a lot of activities have been undertaken for the next upcoming SEE Annual Conference with special focus on the involvement of the SEE Thematic Pole 9.

The event documents can be download by clicking on: Workshop results, SEE-Annual-Event Recommendations.



CO-WANDA project:

Mr Silviu Meternă, The National Company - Maritime Danube Ports Administration SA Galati, phone: +40.236.460 660-112, 

Mr Gerhard Schilk, via donau - Austrian Waterway Company, phone: +43.50.4321-1621,


a) Already organised activities:

- Kick off meeting of GIFT project including partners from the ADB Multiplatform project for reflecting their potentials for a joint cooperation - Athens (Greece), 13-14 September 2012

- 3rd SEE-ITS workshop on cooperative ITS and ITS for continuity of traffic and freight management - Bucharest (Romania), March 2013 - Transport Logistic Fair 2013 - Munich (Germany), Workshop of ADB Multiplatform and GIFT projects, 4-7 June 2013

- 2nd SEE-ITS workshop on ITS implementation for road safety and security - Sofia (Bulgaria), 27 September 2013

b) On going activities and cooperation work:

- Ensuring compatibility between the web applications developed in the CO-WANDA and Dahar projects for the use of the Maritime Danube Ports Administration in Romania.


- Pole 9 joint event: Greener Transport Systems workshop - Budapest (Hungary), 24 April 2014:  This workshop shall foster the joint Pole 9 collaboration including also update work in the field of road map, events and meetings and website. During this workshop also a proposal session will be organised for specifying future project initiatives, which have been already been identified during the last Pole 9 workshop in Split (HR) in September 2013. The results of this workshop shall be provided to the SEE-JTS for their future programme preparation work and shall constitute the basis for future project proposals in South-East-European regions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - 3rd SEE-ITS workshop - Timisoara (Romania), 28 March 2014 ("POLITEHNICA" UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA)


- ITS event - Thessaloniki (Greece), 23 and 26 September 2014

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Seminar on ports environmental protection - Tirana (Albania), March 2014 and Bulgaria, August-September 2014

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             c) Expert exchange meetings and common working groups:

- Tirana (Albania), March 2014 and Bulgaria, August-September 2014

- Galati (Romania), Autumn 2013 or Spring 2014

- Event on ITS - Thessaloniki, September 2014

d) Workshops about training in the field of inland waterway transport addressing in particular dangerous cargo / ADN and eLearning courses in 7 Danube countries (AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, BG and RO) organized by the HINT project. See all events at:



- Presentations at other projects' events, workshops and/ or meetings with special focus on the identification of potential synergies and potentials for cross-fertilisation in the field of green transport in SEE regions

- Identification and conception of future cooperation project initiatives for the future programme period 2014-2020 with regard to 'Greener Transport Systems':

The POLE-9 members recognize that the following topics have not yet been successfully or sufficiently tackled in the on-going SEE programme and need therefore more attention in the future: green energy & production (e.g. biomass), CO2 emission technologies, promotion of environmental standards, integration of existing systems (e.g. ITS) and internationalization of external costs (externalities also of terminals, waterborne transport, railways, not only road)).

During the SEE Split POLE-9 seminar the involved POLE-9 members and experts identified, discussed, grouped (see thematic clusters below) and prioritised in total 22 new joint initiatives for the next programme period 2014-2020.

Future core topics

Modes of transport







Rail                (...)







Inland waterway












In short, it can be concluded that the topics ranked the highest are:

- Green traffic and transport infrastructure management 

-  Increase of efficiency for transport systems

- Promotion, adoption and benchmarking of environmental management systems and standards.

Besides the above most preferred topics, the following potential project initiatives have beentaken into consideration: 

-  Joint actions about green vehicles and vessels,

- Waste management in the field water-borne transport, 

-  Intelligent transport and mobility systems,

- Green energy in green hubs (ports, terminals),

- Usage of ICT technologies for optimizing processes and reducing resources and other subjects.




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