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Sustainable and Equipped Productive Areas
SEPA promotes the concept of sustainable production area defined as a Community of manufacturing firms and services that, within a territory and through cooperation, plan to improve their environmental, economic and social performances, acquiring specific organizational tools, management and infrastructure. Its most innovative aspect is to move the focus from the activity of individual public institutions and SMEs to the production areas in which they operate. The Project aims to transfer a model of sustainable management for productive areas to final beneficiaries, within the framework of relevant European strategies (Lisbon, Gothenburg) and according to EMS/EMAS standards. SEPA main goals are: 1) to achieve methodologies, tools and procedures needed to realise and manage a productive area in a sustainable way. The area shall offer economic advantages to tenants through economies of scale from centralised infrastructure and services and improve the general quality of life in the territories interested by the localisation; 2) to implement the SEPA model by integrating economic efficiency, environmental, social and cultural concerns into the SEPA areas. The project shall provide partners with tools for undertaking their role as initiators and promoters of viable pilot projects which promote a balanced pattern of attractive and accessible growth areas. Transnational action shall serve as the framework for supporting the establishment of joint strategies and empowerment of pooled resources through structures and capacities to develop consistent policies, plans and pilot projects targeting sustainable growth and jobs in the SEPA functional areas. It shall also target cooperative marketing activities in support of economic and regional development, attracting investments through a trans-national network of regions. Moreover, raising awareness on the concept of sustainable equipped productive areas shall be the subject of a well targeted communication campaign.
Call: 1
Priority: Development of transnational synergies for sustainable growth areas
Area of intervention: Promote a balanced pattern of attractive and accessible growth areas
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  • Overall project budget: 1.913.180,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 1.626.203,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 0,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2009-02 / 2011-07