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Danube Inland Harbour Development
The DaHar partnership represents small and medium sized Danube cities with ports of international importance. The economic development and participation in the economic circulation of these cities could be enhanced through the optimal utilisation of port development in the frame of enhancing waterway cargo transport on the Danube in a transnational context. To this end, DaHar partners wish to utilise the logistical and multi-modal development capacities of their ports and port areas, develop their ports in a harmonised manner. This way, small and medium sized cities will find their position in the development of waterway cargo transport, which results in the specification and diversification of their logistical and multi -modal functions in a logistical network of Danube cities and ports. The main activities include a careful analysis of the State of the Art related to multi -modal cargo transport development, an intensive exchange of other partners' expertise in formulating the development potentials of individual ports (deep dive process), synthesising the accumulated knowledge in the form of a Master Class with stakeholder participation, drawing up an integrated strategy for the functional specialisation of ports in the logistic chain and developing concrete action plans for individual ports based on the common strategy. This strategy building will be supported by a (pro)active consensus building process to ensure the appropriate uptake of stakeholder inputs in the delivery of project outcomes. DaHar will result in port cities with improved capacity, and also improved policies related to logistical and multi-modal port development. It makes an important contribution to the functional specialisation of ports of small and medium sized cities in the transport logistical chain, thus filling the gap between the functions and roles of these cities and those of large multi-modal hubs.
Call: 2
Priority: Improvement of the Accessibility
Area of intervention: Improve framework conditions for multimodal platforms
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Project budget:
  • Overall project budget: 1.966.100,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 1.441.430,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 229.755,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2011-04 / 2014-03