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Elaboration of a tool for the inclusion of religious-related cultural values in the planning and development processes of urban centres, systems of settlements and surrounding rural areas
The project aims to use the religious thematic cultural value within the SEE territories jointly with local assets, human resources, infrastructures and services to develop a religious tourism able to create new job positions and generate additional income. The project elaborates a tool for decision-makers and stakeholders called the SEE Religious Tourism Model, that provides step by step guidance for them to: - identify the religious cultural potential of their area, analyzing, assessing and capitalizing previous experiences; - identify synergies with other projects; - address the relevant stakeholders; - develop ideas in order to use the religious cultural assets to develop the region; - be able to better manage these assets; - find funding opportunities in order to realise their proposals; - create sustainable solutions. Offering equal opportunities for all religions of the SEE Programme Area, the project also aims to indicate interreligious communications and a better understanding and acceptance of each other?s believes. Firstly, three Working Groups will be set up to analyse and assess ongoing and previous experiences and results in order to capitalies on them. As a result, a Religious Tourism Common Model (RTCM) will be developed: a tool for local decision-makers to develop projects based on religious cultural values. From outset of the project, target groups and stakeholders identified and addressed. Pilot actions will test and evaluate the transferability and sustainability of our findings: Local Religious Tourism Development Agencies (RTDA) will be set up to: implement vocational courses to youths ; realize and experiment religious tourism offers; evaluate and tune them. International B2B Market Promotion of experimented Tourism Offers, their entrance in Tourism International Stock Exchange, and request of the award certification as European Cultural Routes. ?Communication Activities? disseminates the project?s activities and achievements to the stake
Call: 2
Priority: Development of transnational synergies for sustainable growth areas
Area of intervention: Promote the use of cultural values for development
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  • Overall project budget: 2.855.000,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 2.426.750,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 0,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2011-01 / 2014-06