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FROM MARGINAL TO RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES SITES Recovering marginal territories, making them regain their lost value by pursuing sustainable development programs
The EU territory has an enormous under-valorised natural asset: marginal terrains (exhausted landfills, mines & quarries, brownfields & contaminated terrains, former military sites, etc).The project aims at re-qualifying marginal areas through investments programmes that focus on the installation of RES (PV, Wind, Biomass, geothermal, biogas, etc) that will contribute to a significant amount of renewable energy.This approach will hereinafter be called M2RES(From marginal to renewable energy sources sites).M2RES can boost Eu?s sustainable development, giving back social and economic value to areas that have irreparably lost it. Main activities: evaluating the potential application of M2RES investments in the SEE area; enhancing the transfer of M2RES known-how; assisting public administrations in developing territorial management plans for the startoff of M2RES;implementing demonstrative M2RES pilot projects proposals; establishing a Road Map for the permanent transfer and implementation of M2RES. National agencies will spread knowledge concerning M2RES through a wide sensitization programme (location & extension of marginal areas;connected problems; preservation of environment; returns (economic,social,environmental) from the development of RES applications in these areas.All PPs will contribute at enabling policies/strategies at national/regional/local level empowering SEE public administrations with management capacities and creating the framework conditions for boosting a truly environmentally-friendly RES market development.Regional agencies will assist public administrations in drawing up programmes/projects for favouring the start-off of M2RES.National agencies will support local bodies in starting-off M2RES pilot experiences through public, private or Public-Private investments, pacesetters for diffusion of M2RES projects in the rest of the SEE area.The Chamber of Commerce network will focus on development of the RES market,linked supply-chain and job-places
Call: 2
Priority: Protection and Improvement of the Environment
Area of intervention: Promote energy and resources efficiency
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Project budget:
  • Overall project budget: 1.901.875,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 1.531.128,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 85.465,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2011-03 / 2014-05