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Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions
In the past 20 years, the Danube region witnessed tremendous changes due to increased traffic flows, the economic growth and the significant trend to develop the European Single Market. This situation directly affects the transport, research and education sectors. The Danube region is a heterogeneous territory of EU and Non-EU Member States characterized by disparities in terms of technological progress and lack of cooperative efforts calling for the elaboration of common standards and transnational harmonisation. NELI project will establish a co-operation network between stakeholders from the Inland Waterway Transport (IWT), research/ education and administrative sectors along the SEE-Danube corridor (AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, BG, RO and UA) in order to develop balanced capacities for transnational co-operation at all levels, including national policy level. Therefore, specific national and transnational policies (IWT Action Plans) will be designed to overtop the present administrative fragmentation and the multitude of regulative frameworks currently implemented by the different states in the Danube region. The network will also improve the capacity of the states for transnational co-operation. Digital divide will be reduced by developing new eLearning services (including objectives, strategies, methodologies, IT platforms, learning materials) where still lacking. Information and Training Centres will be designed and partly demonstrated (RO, AT) in order to increase public awareness on the activities carried out along the inland waterways and new training concepts based on ICT will be implemented to facilitate the effective access to information and knowledge. NELI project partners (public authorities and training institutions) will develop joint activities aimed at reducing the digital divide by implementing ICT training solutions and suitable communication instruments, leading to the harmonisation of the activity in the Danube corridor.
Call: 1
Priority: Improvement of the Accessibility
Area of intervention: Develop strategies to tackle the digital divide
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Project budget:
  • Overall project budget: 2.167.819,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 1.624.646,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 218.000,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2009-04 / 2012-03