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Transnational Network for the Promotion of the Water-Ground Multimodal Transport
The programme area is crossed by relevant freight traffic flows, originated and directed in- and outside it. This traffic is mainly supported by road infrastructures, that were not planned for these flows. This involves a negative impact on the territorial competitiveness and environment, due to air pollution, noise and reduced mobility. The project objective is to promote the coordination between actors dealing with logistics for a better management of the transport policies and an efficient implementation of the multimodal logistics cooperation, especially exploiting the ground/water connections. This will be achieved through a monitoring on the existing multimodal platforms, the coordination of strategies for the promotion of the water/ground multimodality, the definition of common quality standards in transport and logistics services, the implementation of pilot studies for multimodality based on sea and inland waterways as factor of competitiveness and environmental sustainability. The project will therefore highlight the potentials of the waterways crossing the area, contributing to the full integration of the maritime and river transport in the logistics chain.
Call: 1
Priority: Improvement of the Accessibility
Area of intervention: Improve framework conditions for multimodal platforms
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Project budget:
  • Overall project budget: 3.193.500,00 €
  • ERDF contribution: 2.461.600,00 €
  • IPA contribution: 252.875,00 €
  • ENPI contribution: 0,00 €
Project start date / end date:
2009-04 / 2011-09