4th call - UPDATE

We would like to inform the applicants that the deadline for registration to the 4th SEE Call for proposals was extended until Monday, 7 November, at 12.00 (noon), CET.

All valid signed and stamped "Registration and Rules of Use of the Front Office surface 2007-2013 (RoU)" uploaded through the SEE website until 12.00 (noon) will be accepted and processed. Those which are submitted later or are invalid or incomplete will be not considered.

The applicants are strongly advised to keep the confirmation email submitted by the system as a proof of correct upload (please see the example below). 


The email reports the following text:

From: SEE-JTS@se-eu.net [mailto:SEE-JTS@se-eu.net]



Subject: www.se-eu.net


Dear User,

Thank you for registering as a Lead Applicant in the framework of the 4th

Call for Proposals of the SEE Programme.

You will be provided with the temporary password within 48 hours.