Full speed ahead for the Danube Strategy

The European Commission has presented on 8 December its proposal for an EU Strategy for the Danube Region and its 115 million inhabitants. The Strategy provides a sustainable framework for policy integration and coherent development of the Danube Region and sets out priority actions to
make an important contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 goals


More specifically, the Strategy will play a key role in improving sustainable transport, linking energy systems, protecting the environment, preserving water resources and stimulating the business climate. For the period 2007-2013, nearly half of the Territorial Cooperation Programmes, including the South East Europe Programme, are focused on the Danube Region. The European Territorial Cooperation programmes should be fully exploited in order to initiate and to accelerate the process of development of the Region and to strengthen the cooperation between the countries concerned in the Region. You can find out more about the strategy and its action plan here.