24.06.2009 - Lead Partner Seminar

The first Lead Partner Seminar for the projects which were approved within the first call for proposals of the Programme took place in Budapest on 24 June. More than 100 project representatives have had the opportunity to receive the latest updates about project implementation from the JTS staff present at the meeting.

The presentations have covered a wide range of themes, starting from the Subsidy Agreement, reporting and financial management to project changes and communication. The message of the JTS was, first of all, about the importance of creating a common understanding and working culture among the Project Partners and of correctly developing and detailing the internal Work Plan. The Lead Partners were adviced to constantly and promptly inform the partnership on the Programme rules, requirements and procedures as well as to monitor the project implementation and inform the programme bodies on any problems or deviations.

The presentations of the JTS, as well as more information about the event are available in the events section.