New SEE projects approved in 2012

The Monitoring Committee has decided to approve in 2012 55 new projects belonging to the four priorities of the SEE Programme after the selection process of the 3rd and 4th calls was concluded. Considering these new projects, the SEE Programme counts already with 121 projects on Innovation, Environment, Accessibility and Sustainable Growth Areas.  More than 1.500 institutions from all the South East of Europe area are cooperating in those projects.

In the case of the 3rd call, it was a Strategic Call with the aim to generate strategic projects in some key intervention areas directly contributing to the implementation of key European policy objectives; generating incisive technical/sectoral impacts and being politically relevant and sustained in significant parts of the co-operation area. 8 new projects were approved in April 2012, covering the following priorities:

In what the 4th call is concerned, 37 projects were approved in September 2012. In that moment, considering the final expenditure performed by the projects approved in the 1st call for proposal after their closure and the expenditure rate of the 2nd call projects, an analysis of the remaining ERDF and IPA funds in the programme was carried out. Taking this analysis into consideration, the Monitoring Committee decided to approve 10 more projects included in the reserve list of the 4th call. Some of these projects have been approved with a suspension clause concerning the final disposal of all funds requested in the project budget. The distribution per priority of all the approved 4th call projects is as follows:

A brief summary containing the main information of all projects approved as well as their basic data (partners, website, budget, start and end dates, logo) can be found in the section Approved projects of the SEE website. A search-engine system has been created to make easier the search according to different parameters like the priority, the country, the acronym or the area of intervention. The results and outputs produced by each SEE project will also be uploaded in this section to get a broader dissemination and a specific section about the project results will be also created in 2013.

Moreover, a restricted IPA Call for partners from Montenegro was as well launched in 2012. The Lead Partners within the 2nd Call for Proposals whose consortiums did not already have financing IPA partners from Montenegro were invited to apply.

With all SEE Programmes funds already allocated, no more calls for proposals are expected within this programming period.