27.03 - South East Europe Programme officialy launched in Budapest

The official launch of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme took place in Budapest on 27-28 March 2008.

During the event, programme stakeholders and potential partners, representing national, regional and local authorities, regional development agencies, and other actors, had the opportunity to meet, share their visions for the programme area and develop project ideas. The key speakers at the event were: the Hungarian Minister for Regional Development, Mr. Gordon Bajnai and the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Danuta Hubner.

The kick off event had an official, general dimension as well as a more practical, technical one. The first day comprised of a part dedicated to the presentations of the stakeholders and a part dedicated to the presentation of the programme itself (history, evolution, current status, expectations). The plenary sessions included speeches from Gordon Bajnai, Hungarian Minister for Regional Development and the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Danuta Hubner. Other featured presentations were from the representatives of the European Commission, representatives of the national authorities and international organizations such as the UN Habitat and the Central European Initiative.
The second day included four workshops dealing with more specific, technical aspects related to the implementation of the programme and its four priorities (Innovation, Environment, Accessibility and Sustainable Growth Areas).

Information regarding the first call for proposals was provided at the event.

The presentations are available in the events Section.