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You are cordially invited to attend the annual conference organized by the South East Europe Programme on 21-22 September 2010 in Thessaloniki, Greece.  

Under the title "Transnational Co-operation as a strategic instrument for development in South East Europe”, the conference aims to be the key territorial cooperation event in South Eastern Europe and has the following key objectives:

  • To promote the SEE Programme and reinforce its role in the area.
  • To show the added value of the Programme and the achievements up to date.
  • To stimulate innovative proposals for future strategic co-operation activities.
  • To create an (efficient) dialogue on the topic of development in the Balkans area.
  • To offer networking opportunities and a framework for the exchange of experience for the Programme stakeholders.
  • To stimulate inter-programme(s) dialogue and synergies.
  • To stir project development towards the third call for project proposals.

The conference will bring together some 300 participants, including representatives of the European Commission and other main international donors active in the region, officials and experts from the SEE countries, representatives of international organizations and academia, potential project developers.

The first day of the conference aims to provide a strategic perspective on transnational cooperation in the area, with a focus on SEE Prgramme’s role and future perspectives. The second day of the conference will be dedicated to four thematic workshops, in line with the Programme priorities for the third call. The SEE Annual Conference will be followed on 22 September by a joint, half-day event organized in cooperation with the MED Programme.

You can download the draft agenda of the event here.

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Attendance is upon registration only.

Registration will be open between 19 July – 12 September

Please note that all conference proceedings will be in English.

The South East Europe programme is a unique instrument which, in the framework of the Regional Policy's Territorial Cooperation Objective, aims to improve integration and competitiveness in the SEE area. The programme is supporting projects developed within four Priority Axes: Innovation, Environment, Accessibility, and Sustainable Growth Areas - in line with the Lisbon and Gothenburg priorities, and is also contributing to the integration process of the non-EU member states.

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