Project application


In order to streamline the application process, the SEE Transnational Programme's first Call for Proposals follows a two step application procedure:

Step 1: Submission of the Expression of Interest (EoI)

Step 2: Submission of the completed Application Form (AF)


In the first step, applicants are requested to submit an Expression of Interest based on a short form. The EoI presents the objectives of the project, the foreseen budget, the structure of the partnership, the type of activities, their location and the cooperation area covered as well as the foreseen outputs and results.

Once filled in completely and accurately, the EoI can, after user registration, be uploaded on the relevant specific section of the website. Only electronic submission is allowed.

As general guidance, the programme recommends applicants to consider that project proposals should already be at an advanced stage when submitted as an EoI: project partners already contacted and involved and the overall structure well defined. Only project proposals matching a certain readiness, quality level and responding to the selection criteria will be invited to enter the 2nd step of the application procedure.

Before opening the 2nd step of the application procedure, the Application Form will be available for download on the programme website. Once prepared, it must be uploaded online before the submission deadline. In addition, one paper copy stamped and signed by the legal responsible of the Lead Partner has to be sent via ordinary mail to the JTS before the submission deadline (date of the postmark).

Once the e-version of the document is submitted no further changes are possible. Only the first version submitted will be taken into account; any further version of the same project proposal will not be considered as valid and will not be assessed.

Proposals that in the second step present radically changed information in the partnership composition and indicated activities or the budget will be rejected.

Applicants should put extra care into writing out the budget allocation per work package, per budget line and per period allocation, as any request for project changes would need to be duly justified.

Approved projects are expected to be ready to start promptly after the approval.

Please note that both the Expression of Interest and the Application Form should be submitted in English and that the Applicant's Guidelines provide detailed information for filling in the EoI form and the AF. Furthermore, to better focus the content of projects and to check the compliance with the relevant national and regional regulations, it is highly recommended that applicants get in contact with the SCP of their country.

The development of both the EoI and later the AF is normally coordinated by the applicant, nevertheless the proper involvement of Project Partners is fundamental and emphasized. A good understanding of the content and project management arrangements included in the EoI by all Project Partners is a key factor for a successful transnational project and are already expected at this stage.

Applicants should conform to the eligibility requirements laid down in the SEE Operational Programme, the SEE Programme Manual and the Call for Proposals