Programme Management Structure


The Monitoring Committee is the main decision making body of the programme. It is composed of representatives of the SEE partner states. Representatives of the European Commission participate as observers.
The overall tasks of the Monitoring Committee are to ensure the quality, effectiveness and accountability of the programme operations, and to select projects for funding.


The designated Managing Authority for the SEE Programme is:
National Development Agency,
Managing Authority for International Cooperation Programmes
H-1077 Budapest
Wesselényi u. 20-22.
The Managing Authority (MA) is responsible for managing and implementing the programme in accordance with the respective regulations. The Managing Authority is directly supported by the Joint Technical Secretariat as it carries out the operational management work for the whole programme.


The designated Certifying Authority is:
Ministry for National Economy of Hungary - NAO Office
H-1051 Budapest
József nádor tér 2-4.
Tel: +36 1 374 2701
Fax: +36 1 302 2394
The main tasks of the Certifying Authority (CA) are to draw up and submit to the Commission certified statements of expenditure and applications for payment and receive payments from the Commission.


The designated Audit Authority of the programme is:
Directorate General for Audit of European Funds (Hungary)
H-1126 Budapest
Tartsay Vilmos u. 14.
Tel: +36 1 457 5831
Fax: +36 1 224 6968
The main role of the Audit Authority (AA) is ensuring that audits are carried out to verify the effective functioning of the management and control system of the operational programme.


The Joint Technical Secretariat supports the Managing Authority in programme coordination and implementation. Its multinational team fulfils a variety of tasks, such as:

- Programme level tasks
- Secretariat tasks for the Monitoring Committee
- Administrative management of external services and other Technical Assistance activities
- Monitoring
- Project generation and assessment
- Project implementation


The SEE Contact Points main task is to represent the programme in partner states and serve as national coordination points for the programme implementation. The SEE Contact Points shall complement the activities of the JTS, and may initiate and carry out other specific transnational activities.The main tasks of the SEE Contact Points are:

- to assist the project generation, application and implementation process
- to contribute to information and publicity actions within the respective country
- to support the National Committees or corresponding national procedures in fulfilling their transnational tasks
- to serve as a contact point for project applicants and partners at the national level


Each partner state establishes a National Committee or corresponding national procedures in accordance with its institutional structure. The main role of the National Committees or corresponding national procedures is to provide information and consultation on the compliance and/or complementarity and/or synergies of project applications and the large number of ERDF, ESF, EARDF and EFF Operational Programmes and other relevant initiatives, implemented within the programme area.