SEE annual events

Welcome to the document repository of the South East Europe programme's annual events! Starting 2009 we organised six seminars to engage with programme stakeholders and present latest developments. Each of the links below will lead you to the seminar presentations, edited material, and photos.


  • "Advancing development through transnational cooperation in South East Europe" - 14 and 15 October 2009, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

The first of the series of annual events discussed the role of the programme in integrating territorially EU and non-EU countries. The functional aspect of territorial development, i.e. synergies with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, cooperation in the Carpathian basin and the Black Sea region, was also brought into the spotlight. The event was an opportunity to promote the second call for project ideas and debate on expected proposals during specific workshops (one per priority axis). Check materials here: seeconference2009

  • "Transnational Co-operation as a strategic instrument for development in South East Europe" - 21 and 22 September 2010, Thessaloniki, Greece;

The idea of "strategic project" was introduced including with reference to the experiences of other programmes. Another new concept "project clustering" was also presented. The following four workshops discussed with stakeholders the requirements of the third call for proposals and gave advice on adopting a strategic approach. Check materials here: seeconference2010

  • "A strategic approach towards cooperation in SEE area" - 12 May 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria;

This was a taking-stock kind of event. Participants learned about programme and project achievements based on the initial results of the ongoing evaluation process. At this background the details of the fourth call for proposals were presented emphasizing the need to fill in thematic gaps. Another part of the event highlighted the role of transnational cooperation in implementing EU macro-regional strategies. Check materials here: seeconference2011

  • "The Future built on the Present" - 29 June 2012, Bologna, Italy;

Although the next programming (and funding) period was to begin in 2014, the preparations for the future had to anticipate priorities in regional development already two years earlier. So the event outlined future cooperation needs, cooperation needs and challenges, new EU regulatory framework and, finally, expectations for the future of South East Europe programme. A dedicated session gave the floor to SEE projects to present their final outcomes and achievements. Check materials here: seeconference2012

  • "SEE achievements in view of the new programmes in the area" - 19 June 2013, Bucharest, Romania;

By the time of the seminar future cooperation in the SEE space was to be effected through two new programmes, i.e. Danube and South East Gateway. Therefore, the first part of the event focused on re-drawing the existent cooperation space. The real focus of the event, however, was SEE projects and their results. The latter were presented in a plenary session, at a project exhibition fair, as well as through a SEE video. The second half of the seminar was dedicated to capitalising project results and facilitating the creation of synergies across projects. Check materials here: seeconference2013

  • "SEE valuable achievements for the future" - 24 and 25 September 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

The last of the series of SEE annual events placed emphasis on cooperation results and capitalisation. SEE projects demonstrated the outcomes of cooperation in stand-up style presentations with lots of visual and engaging elements. The results of project cross-fertilisation were discussed in the afternoon panel. Cooperation results were presented through a specific SEE photo competition exhibition, as well as hands-on through project site visits (field trips).
The second half-day of the seminar focused on the future of cooperation via three new programmes: Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean, and Danube. Check materials here: