Additional ENPI call for partners from the Republic of Moldova

The South East Europe Programme announces the additional ENPI call for partners from Moldova is launched.


The Republic of Moldova signed the Financing Agreement and thus the ENPI funds for partners from Moldova are committed to the SEE Programme, which provides them the opportunity to be involved as financing ENPI project partners. As substantial leftover of ENPI funds for Moldova has remained non-allocated to the projects, the Monitoring Committee of the SEE Programme approved launching of additional ENPI call for partners from Moldova.

As the application and selection process follows the Programme rules, the call is open to the Lead Partners from the 3rd and 4th calls who may additionally involve Moldavian partners and in such a way enhance the quality of the project as a whole, from both territorial and content-wise perspective. The involvement of suitable MD partners represents an added-value and Lead Partners are warmly suggested to reconsider the possibility of MD partners joining the consortium.


All the information and related documents of the call can be found in the Application Package below. The deadline for submission of proposals is: 17th May 2013 (12 pm Central Europe Time) (extended dealine for submission of ENPI applications 31 May 2013, 24:00).

Lead Partners may consult the South East Europe Contact Points: Ms Tatiana Udrea, and Ms. Mariana Puntea,, tel: +373 22 214201 in order to get more information about suitable MD partners. In case of further clarifications the SEE Joint Technical Secretariat may be contacted as well.

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