Visual identity

You can find here useful visual identity tools, such as the logo of the programme, EU flag, and other promotional materials. You can also download the communication plan of the programme, as it has been approved by the European Commission.


Programme logo (coloured with slogan)
Download (JPG - 103 Kb)

Programme logo (coloured simple)
Download (JPG - 111 Kb)

Programme logo (Black and white, with slogan)
Download (JPG - 64 Kb)

Programme logo (Black and white, simple)
Download (JPG - 68 Kb)

Programme logo (White and black, with slogan)
Download (JPG - 70 Kb)

Programme logo (White and black, simple)
Download (JPG - 74 Kb)

Download (JPG - 70 Kb)


Logos in High Resolution format (for printing)

Download (AI - ZIP)

EU logo
Download (JPG - 212 Kb)

EU logo (AI format)

EU logo
for projects receiving funding from ERDF only!!

(download from Inforegio website)


simple EU flags (coloured; black & white)

(from Inforegio website)

EU logo colours:
PANTONE YELLOW: 100% "Process Yellow".
PANTONE REFLEX BLUE: mixing 100% "Process Cyan" and 80% "Process Magenta".
EU flag
Download (JPG 353 Kb)

Programme map (regions)
Download (JPG 1020 Kb)

Programme map (countries)
Download (JPG 818 Kb)

Download version for printing (AI)

SEE Thematic Capitalisation and Achievements NEW!!

SEE Passport NEW!!

Leaflet with the achievements gained by the SEE Capitalisation Strategy and the SEE Programme

Passport designed for the field trips organised during the SEE Annual Event 2014.

SEE Programme Communication plan
(download .pdf)

Guidelines for project communication plans
(download .pdf)

* the guidelines are not compulsory, they are simply orientative .
Programme visual guidelines * the guidelines are orientative for the projects as well.

1st call projects catalogue

2nd call projects catalogue

3rd call projects catalogue

4th call projects catalogue NEW!!

Growing Cooperation in the SEE Area

Catalogues with SEE projects main data and information

Development and Cooperation in South East Europe Area

Programme flyer
(download .pdf)

Informative brochure about the cooperation in the area




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