Programme implementation and management

Here you can find various documents related to programme implementation and management.


Operational Programme (Modified version 28.11.2013)


The following documents are to be used by the national controllers only. The Control guidelines provide information for the Lead Partners and the Project Partners about the control system and procedures, but the annexes should not be filled in, or used by them - only by the controllers.

Control Guidelines (Updated version 4.1. 29.3.2013)

Information on the Control Systems in the Member States of the SEE Programme


Paving the way to the future - an analysis of the first call for proposals

We are happy to present you with a comprehensive analysis of the first call for proposals in the framework of the SEE Programme. Those interested in the main results and statistics can get a better view on the overall selection process as well as on the results of the intense work carried out by projects, evaluators, and programme management.

Summary on the national co-financing systems (NEW)

The document provides an overview of the national co-financing systems in the Partner States of the SEE Programme. Please note, that this document is prepared only for information purposes and does not constitute part of the Calls for proposal. For more detailed information on the national co-financing systems and rules to be applied at national level, the contact persons provided in the document or the SCPs should be contacted, before submission of the Application Form ("Second step" in case of "Two Step" procedure).

First Evaluation Report

Second Evaluation Report

Third Evaluation Report

The evaluation reports of the South East Europe Programme have a focus on the project selection and generation, monitoring and implementation as well as on the communication activities.