Annual Conferences

All presentations, videos, photos and other related documents from SEE annual events are available here.

SEE annual conference 2014

The 122 projects approved within the four calls launched by the South East Europe Programme have achieved valuable results, contributing to the overall territorial development in the region. The programme is coming to its end and the 2014 event was named to be the closing conference to review, assess and present all the achievements gained since 2007 and to look at the future of transnational cooperation in the area. Under the title "SEE VALUABLE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THE FUTURE", the Conference presented some of the achievements and capitalisation opportunities gained thanks to the SEE Programme, and the latest developments concerning the three new transnational programmes in the area: Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean and Danube. Apart from the plenary sessions, several field trips were organised to have a direct contact with the results produced by some SEE projects in Ljubljana and adjacent towns.

SEE Conference 2013

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, hosted the fith edition of the SEE Annual Event. With the title "SEE achievements in view of the new programmes in the area", 350 participants, including representatives of partner states from the SEE and future programmes in the area, stakeholders, beneficiaries, experts and other interested actors of the area met to be updated about last programme's achievements and and the new two programmes in the area: Danube and South East Gateway. This one day event was mainly be divided into two parts. The first part focused on the future of European Territorial Cooperation and the new programmes in the area. The second part explained the thematic capitalisation strategy of the programme and the achievements gained by both the programme and the projects so far, giving time to the thematic poles identified to work together in workshops. A project fair was as well organized to disseminate the achieved results.

A video summarising the 2013 conference was produced. To watch the video click here.

SEE Conference 2012

The Italian city of Bologna hosted the forth edition of the SEE Annual Event apart from the Programme kick-off event. With the title "The Future built on the Present", 300 stakeholders, beneficiaries, experts and other interested actors of the area met to be updated about last programme's achievements and to debate about the future of territorial cooperation in the South East of Europe. A project fair was as well organized as an opportunity for the projects to disseminate their results and to promote their capitalization.

SEE Conference 2011

The annual event 2011 had the title "A strategic approach towards cooperation in SEE area" and took place in Sofia (Bulgaria). The event focused on the evolution of the Programme so far and its perspectives towards the fourth call for proposals, as well as on the strategic context in which the SEE Programme is active and the relevant issues such as the macro regional strategies and the new approaches towards the funding of the non-EU countries. The projects funded within the first call had the opportunity to actively promote and showcase their achievements within the space reserved for their presentations and for the projects fair.

SEE Conference 2010

Under the title "Transnational Co-operation as a strategic instrument for development in South East Europe" the SEE annual event 2010 was organized in Thesalonikki (Greece). The first day of the conference aimed to provide a strategic perspective on transnational cooperation in the area, with a focus on SEE Prgramme?s role and future perspectives. The second day was dedicated to four thematic workshops, in line with the Programme priorities for the third call. The SEE Annual Conference was followed by a joint, half-day event organized in cooperation with the MED Programme.

SEE Conference 2009

"Advancing development through transnational cooperation in South East Europe" was the title of the 2009 SEE annual event organized in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). After the kick-off event of the Programme organized in 2008, this 2009 conference was the occasion to give public information concerning the first Programme developments and the first projects approval within the 1st call for proposals. The possibilities of cooperation for the non-EU countries was also highlighted as well the future calls for proposals to be published.