Project generation

The SEE Transnational Programme provides useful tools and resources to possible applicants for project generation.

In the section Partner search all potential applicants can upload their project ideas in order to search for project partners and to allow coordination among similar project ideas.

Transnational thematic workshops related to the programme's priorities will be organised, in order to steer and inform potential applicants on specific programme needs. Information related to the upcoming thematic workshops will be found on the Events section of this website. At a national level, Info Days and trainings will be organised by the SEE Contact Points (SCP) and this information can also be found on the Events section of this website. Furthermore, a list of useful handbooks for project preparation, implementation and reporting can be found on the INTERACT website.

The SEE Transnational Programme has produced a useful presentation on project generation (SEE Project Generation) and it is believed that this will help potential applicants in the development of a transnational project.

The aim of all the above mentioned tools is the generation of high quality projects.